Why VocalSynth.Cloud?
  • 1) We understand the community

    Unlike the regular commercial cloud services, our admins are completely familiar with the vocal synthesis community, and in fact are active members of the community themselves! We know how voicebank, model, and other distribution should work in the community, and will thoroughly investigate copyright violation reports with due process.

  • 2) We can help you share and keep your work

    If you are a creator of a voicebank, a VSQ or UST, an MMD model, or other creative asset, VocalSynth.Cloud is for you! With our community-centric copyright protection process, you can have peace of mind that your uploads are the only uploads of your work in VocalSynth.Cloud, making it easier both for you to control where your work is downloaded and for other users to find the source! At the same time, unlike commercial services, we will also not take down covers and other derivatives of copyrighted work as long as they are in fair use!

  • 3) It's free!

    VocalSynth.Cloud is FREE to use, like UTAU! There is not much stopping you from migrating from your current cloud services to VocalSynth.Cloud. Also like UTAU, you can pay to help support the site and benefit from more features and performance!